Over the last two years, I’ve been publishing my poetry every day on Instagram. While I absolutely love engaging with the community on the platform, I often find myself wishing I could publish more long-form pieces of writing alongside what you might call micropoetry.

So, while I will continue to publish every day on Instagram, this newsletter will be where I share longer poems, thought pieces and personal essays, as well as some exciting new projects.

Altar for the Hunted Things

This will be my weekly letter to you, the reader. Published every Sunday from February 2021, these letters are (and will remain) completely free. I will discuss writing, poetry, mental health, loss and my own thoughts on the broken things that make us who we are.

Alongside these weekly personal essays, I will also be emailing you two brand new poems each month, and an exciting new project…

The Lighthouse Project

As my audience has grown, so has my desire to use the voice you’ve given me to help new or undiscovered writers find their feet. The Lighthouse Project will shine a light on talented writers, artists and poets from around the world, help promote self-published books and good causes that deserve some exposure.

This is a project about kindness. About community. This is my way of saying thank you to those that have supported me; to the readers who have given my life a renewed purpose. Once a month I will be sending you an email that will feature brand new creative people to check out, new books to read, interesting interviews, tips and a whole lot more.


Both The Lighthouse Project and Altar for the Hunted Things are completely free, and will always remain that way. But, there are some paid extras for those who would like to support my work. For $5 a month (or $50 per year), you get access to:

The Workshop

This is a monthly deep-dive into poetry, writing, publishing and social media. I’ll be sharing my writing process, interviewing other writers, giving tips on presenting and photographing your poems, talking about traditional and self-publishing options for writers, sharing my own prompts and exercises and giving tips and advice for improving your writing.

I’ll also be talking about how to grow your audience via social media, and how to make a solid income from your creative works.

I get asked a lot to talk about these things, but instead of putting together an expensive course, I’m going to include it all in monthly installments via email.

Community, AMA’s & More

As well as The Workshop, paid subscribers get access to community discussions and regular AMA’s with me, as well as regular guests and experts. You’ll also receive discount codes for all my books and other products, as well as automatic entry into future competitions.

On top of all that, you’ll also get free submissions to The Lighthouse Project and The Lighthouse Poetry Prizes, all for the price of a large cup of coffee every month.

Who Am I?

I am Blake Auden: a poet, writer and artist based in Brighton, UK. My work focuses on loss, heartbreak and mental health, and finding ways to ensure the future survives the past. I have released two poetry collections, Beekeeper and Tell The Birds She’s Gone, both of which can be purchased at blakeauden.com.

In 2021 I will be releasing two new books, The Things We Leave Behind (March 2021) and Murmuration (October 2021). If you’d like to read more of my poetry, you can follow me on Instagram @blakeaudenpoetry.

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Blake Auden

Blake Auden is a poet based in Brighton, UK. His work focuses on mental health, loss, heartbreak and the human condition.